Automated Utility Billing and Invoicing

An Advanced and Automated Solution to Meet all Your Billing Needs


Utility Billing and Invoicing

Talygen’s Utility Billing and Invoicing is feature rich and highly intuitive Enterprise SaaS Solution that is easy to implement, deploy and use. It is a process driven Billing Solution that fully automates Invoicing based on the Sales and Customer lifecycle. It integrates with external Smart Devices as well as Financial Systems and Reporting Engines and much more. Talygen generates online Invoices and offers numerous functionalities such as setting up Invoicing Cycles, Automated Billing Projects, Invoice Templates, Items Costing, Variable Discounting, Custom Client Contracts, and much more. Company Admins can create and modify Billing Rules easily and the Invoices can be sent to multiple Clients as needed.

  • Talygen can generate millions of Invoices on a daily basis, as needed.
  • Talygen can easily handle data from multiple feeds simultaneously and integrate with different external APIs.
  • Talygen currently processes over $1 Billion worth of Utility Billing for our Customers each year.
  • The Invoicing can be easily customized to any desired Billing Frequency.
  • The Invoicing can be easily customized to any desired Billing Frequency.
  • Talygen’s Billing Rule UI is easy to understand and manage and allows the Users to create an unlimited number of main and child Billing Rules as per their custom requirements.


  • Manage Contracts (Main AMI)
  • Manage Sub Contracts (Sub AMI)
  • Manage Credits (Can Adjust in Invoices)
  • API (Integration With Smart Meter’s Feed)
  • Online Payments
  • Invoice History
  • Custom Fields
  • Manage Contact Information

Rate Schedule

  • Multiple Rates
  • Date Wise Rates
  • Rules Based Rates
  • Customer Based Rates
  • Contract Wise Rates
  • Rate History
  • Rates Error Handling
  • Automated Rate Increases

Manage Billing

  • Multiple Rules Date Wise
  • Dynamic Rules
  • Rule Versioning
  • Contract Wise Rules
  • Services
  • Global Rules
  • Periodic Charges
  • Custom Charges
  • Tier Wise Charges
  • Limits
  • Banking
  • Billing Rule History


  • Custom Bill Formats
  • Summary Invoices
  • Detailed Invoices
  • Multiple Frequency
  • Record Disputes
  • Multiple Statuses
  • Online Payment Gateways
  • Invoice History

Custom & Dynamic Reports

  • Flag Records
  • Automated Flag Resolution
  • Un-processed Billing
  • Exception Handling
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Missing Configuration Alerts

Other Features

  • Notification Engine
  • Scheduler Engine
  • Custom Connectors
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • CRM