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A Centralized Job Portal to Assist
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Talygen, a leader in Business Automation Management, offers a Job Portal Software to organize and increase the hiring capabilities of a Company. Our recruiting software is specially designed and developed for managing hiring and communicating with Applicants. The hassle-free system allows Human Resource team and recruitment staff to handle all hiring needs electronically.

This Online Recruitment Software also manages and simplifies Company's hiring mechanism in an organized manner. With the Job Board Tool, Hiring Managers can add a variety of jobs for different departments. Users can apply for the jobs by using the Job Portal Module to submit their resumes and other required documents.

Talygen's Job Board Software is professional, well laid out and easy to use tool and Organizations can design their own Job Board layout. Talygen makes it easy for businesses to acquire the most qualified talent.

Job Board Layout

Design Templates for a Company's Job Board Link

Talygen's Recruitment Software allows Users to design their own Job Board Layout. Users can design templates with an external link for Applicants to apply for any open positions. They can easily customize headers, footers, and messages for various positions in their company. It allows Hiring Managers to display a personalized look and feel to reflect the Company's brand.

Job Posting Requisition

Set the Requisitions of a Job Post

With Talygen's Online Applicant Tracking System, Managers can create a requisition for a job post. When the Hiring Manager receives the requisition for a job post, they can easily approve it after analyzing it. Once the Job Post requisition is approved, it automatically turns into a live job posting on the Company's website.

Job Posting And Hiring

Simplified Job Posting and Hiring

Talygen's Job Portal Tool offers a simplified Job Posting and hiring system. Applicants can upload a resume and other necessary documents directly from the Job board. The Hiring Team can review received resumes and schedule interviews as needed. They can also create Events for the scheduled interviews within our applicant tracking software.

File Upload Size

Configurable File Upload Size

Talygen's Online Recruitment Software allows Hiring Managers to configure the upload file size for Applicants. Uploaded file can be a resume or any other important document from the applicant.

Manage Applicants

An Outstanding Application Manager

Talygen's Recruitment Software allows Company's Hiring Team to manage applicants. They can create a Job posting and display it to meet the requirement for a position in the Organization. As Applicants apply for a job, the Hiring Team can manage Applicant's resume and other documents. They can also update the status of the applicant.

Reduces Paper Work

Radically Reduces Paper Work

Talygen's automated Job posting, hiring, and applicant tracking system promotes minimum paper use. The entire system is environment-friendly, as Users can operate their Talygen account with the web, desktop or mobile application. The decrease in paper usage automatically translates to additional savings for the company and the environment.

Features of Hiring Module
  • Job Postings Approval Chains
  • Hiring
  • Upload the File
  • Manage Applicants
  • Job Postings Reviewers
  • Internal/ External/ Hidden Link for Job Posting
  • Job Posting
  • Configure file size
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Job Posting Requisitions
  • Customized Design Template of External Link
  • External Link
  • Reduces Paper Cost
  • Track Job Posts Report
  • Customizable Job Board

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